“I am a wanderer by heart, I want to be to places and corners of the world.

I want to wander and be lost. Be lost and then find my way back out
You came in like everything I hadn’t imagined happening to me.
You came to me and turned my mind round 180 degree from what I wanted my life to be. I had aspirations, strong aspirations and now I caught myself thinking otherwise..

You made me rethink. It’s not easy to make me rethink something that I have been dreaming of ever since.
You made me see something different. Another world, another journey, another adventure, with You.
I had my life planned ahead of me as a wanderer, having no place to go, just wandering all my life, but since I met you all this wandering heart wants to do.. is come home to you” 


Dare to Wander.

“It’s often hard to find yourself a happy place”, I realised, as I found myself having one sided conversations with the wild wind. 

Tangled in my ruffled hair, my fingers and my hay wire musings played a little peek-a-boo with the shadows and the sun, revealing a little more of my mind to my consciousness, helping me unwind. “It’s often hard to find yourself a happy place” I murmured, and I smiled at the memories I just locked down in a box inside my head and I realised it’s actually not that difficult. 

I realised it’s quite easy to find your happy place, 

all you have to do 

is simply dare to seek 

and to wander. -WANDERER // S c o u r n 

REVIEW 02 – Stacks and Racks

On another weekend adventure, I wandered around streets of malad looking around for the place I picked from my never ending list of food places, that I wanted to try. Exactly opposite Toyota Showroom, ( across the road ). When I finally found it, it had a crowd to handle, luckily they have an outdoor seating space where I waited for my table. I honestly think Stacks and Racks deserve more area because it seems to be popular with the crowd that came around during lunch time.

Stacks and Racks is a heaven for Junk food like burgers etc, Although not huge in size their burgers are beyond satisfactory. They have a moderately filling patty with mayonnaise, and all that complements burgers, the usual stuff. ( I was too hungry to notice anything else ). These burgers are served with fries and taste lovely. They also have beverages like iced tea that are totally worth the price they are offered for and they also have a great steak on the menu. Stacks and Racks serve chicken, beef, lamb as well as lobsters for Rs 350 and above which I think is reasonable for student pockets and lovers of cheap thrills. They also have decent ambience, walls are covered with catchy photographs of famous personnel eating, supposedly the servings from the restaurant and the lighting adorns the aesthetics of the rugged walls.

I would recommend this place to students and food hunters, its entirely worth it.


Stacks and Racks, Malad west.

Cost – Approx 800 for two.