“I am a wanderer by heart, I want to be to places and corners of the world.

I want to wander and be lost. Be lost and then find my way back out
You came in like everything I hadn’t imagined happening to me.
You came to me and turned my mind round 180 degree from what I wanted my life to be. I had aspirations, strong aspirations and now I caught myself thinking otherwise..

You made me rethink. It’s not easy to make me rethink something that I have been dreaming of ever since.
You made me see something different. Another world, another journey, another adventure, with You.
I had my life planned ahead of me as a wanderer, having no place to go, just wandering all my life, but since I met you all this wandering heart wants to do.. is come home to you” 


Dare to Wander.

“It’s often hard to find yourself a happy place”, I realised, as I found myself having one sided conversations with the wild wind. 

Tangled in my ruffled hair, my fingers and my hay wire musings played a little peek-a-boo with the shadows and the sun, revealing a little more of my mind to my consciousness, helping me unwind. “It’s often hard to find yourself a happy place” I murmured, and I smiled at the memories I just locked down in a box inside my head and I realised it’s actually not that difficult. 

I realised it’s quite easy to find your happy place, 

all you have to do 

is simply dare to seek 

and to wander. -WANDERER // S c o u r n 


I’m breaking 

little by little, 

pieces of me 

are falling apart 

and piling upon me.

I’m suffocating 

under my inability

to create, 

I’m surrounded, 

probably buried under chalk

but yet, empty is my slate.
Walking random streets, 

I try to make sense 

of the mundane 

and try to find a story 

in a stranger eyes.

I wonder if I’ll ever meet

myself, beyond disguise. 

My words are all I have left of me, 

and I feel silence creeping 

under my veins 

drying out the blood in me, 

creating a void, causing me pain.
Somehow I try to pacify

this breaking heart with words

that I know, don’t suffice, 

as they echo in their own emptiness 

yet I try to believe the alibi.
I look up at the sky, and find trees, 

breaking through the fall, 

and sketching on the sky.

Inexplicably I find some peace 

in the idea of the circle of life,

in the idea that they grow again, 

and if they can, I can try.
 -WANDERER // Marlyn Pereira  

Stranger Dearest.

A thousand people 

in the crowd 

two thousand faces 

right there,

but he had none 

not even one.

He was nobody.

‘A blurry face’ 
he liked to call himself.

Walking the streets 

like the wandering wind, 

he had seen the world unfold

the blooming and falling, 

and the trees turning to gold.

He left his essence 

on the flowers and the leaves

that he touched with his fingertips

and although nobody saw 

what he did to the world 

I saw, the love from him 

to the world, swirl.

An uncanny heart, 

apparent or not

he was always there like the stars.

And sometimes when I didn’t seem to find him on the streets,

I’d find him right here, nestled in my heart.

-Wanderer // S t r a n g e r D e a r e s t 


In that bizarre moment I found the sun a little grim.

It’s illumination seemed to be borrowed and transitory

and then I saw something concise. 
Everything began to fall in place in the aftermath and it struck me 

that his shadow was what

concealed the sun.

He was an unprecedented eclipse.
-WANDERER // E c l i p s e 


As much as it is called the city of dreams, I like to think of it as the city of reality. It is in this city, the minute you step foot outside your periphery, you realise the mendacity the world holds, and that dreams are not always meant to come true. 

It is here that the one who sleeps on the streets is equal of a beggar as the one who sleeps in a glass mansion, the only difference, is that one lacks money and the other, peace. 

It is here that you realise what competition really is and that survival is not just managing to make a living, but it is living itself.

Bombay, ( I hate calling it Mumbai ) has been a place of growth but it has also been a reality check to dreamers. 
Its a place that throws the truth in your face that life is a battle and there is no truce, you either win or you lose. 

It gives you the feeling of home, but it makes you earn the love. 
WANDERER // B o m b a y


“But every festive season, I was dancing in fraudulent colours, cherishing a frail sense of happiness, with a soul so grey

until you coloured me with your hue”

-WANDERER || Marlyn Pereira