Beautiful bondage.

“I’m not a writer. I’m merely in bondage of the magic 

of words and the meaning 

they hold. 

I’m chained and bound to the mesmerising charm, 

of metaphors and rhymes, 

of twisted word-play 

and of simple quotes.

I’m only a victim of obsession 

and I’m only a helpless lover 

of everything that words are, 

the depth, the perspectives, 

and every little thing 

that leaves me in awe.

I’m simply in bondage, 

one that I don’t want to be delivered from. 

I’m a willing slave, I don’t want salvation from this beautiful burden 

of knowing and learning to express 

in a new way, with the same words, everyday. 

So when people ask my why

I don’t write everyday

I simply smile because 

my words are not my own.

They come from experiences.

The experiences I encounter 

in every little thing I do and I tell them this, 

“I only know one thing, that words 

are poetry, and poetry comes 

only from inspiration.

So the expectations of me, 

to write because I’m a writer, 

are unrealistic to me.

I cannot put my mind on paper

unless I have reason to.

Inspiration is the core of creation.”
Nothing else creates art. 

Art is not art, without a muse and so I will go onto the ends of the earth to find my muse 

and I will simply give ink to the musings of my wandering mind, 

until then, until I can,

I will not write 

but I will wait 

for my muse to come to me, 

or for me to find my muse.

-WANDERER // A r t & E x p e c t a t i o n 


Religion and God.

I have seen hypocrisy in places of worship and authenticity in people who have been reprimanded by our so called ‘men of God’. No, I am not an atheist, neither am I against worship and prayer. What I am against is the superficiality religion gives a pure God. I believe religion and God are two extremes, and bringing them together was a complete disaster. 

I think people have begun to depend on everything else, except God. We put our faith in these messengers of God more than we do in him and it is so sad because our faith is only meant for God. I have seen people worship, pray, sacrifice in the name of religion, but the same people have no ability to judge right from wrong. The same people who put God on a pedestal but have no idea how to treat their fellow men
I have seen people blindly follow people, leaving God in some corner and I think that religion in itself has become a God of sorts. I have seen people completely opposite of the word ‘religious’ and still respect God wholly, without a blemish on their conscious. 

I am no one to judge but as a human, I notice what seems to be bullshit and what seems to be true. Of course what ‘seems’ to be, can also be untrue, but to me, 

service and love, so widely preached by these religious men starts at home, starts with people first.
I think the most authentic people are the ones who believe in treating people right, because that is what God taught us, who believe and let believe in the truth,

not the ones who shadow themselves and others with them

-WANDERER // Religion and God 

Dare to Wander.

“It’s often hard to find yourself a happy place”, I realised, as I found myself having one sided conversations with the wild wind. 

Tangled in my ruffled hair, my fingers and my hay wire musings played a little peek-a-boo with the shadows and the sun, revealing a little more of my mind to my consciousness, helping me unwind. “It’s often hard to find yourself a happy place” I murmured, and I smiled at the memories I just locked down in a box inside my head and I realised it’s actually not that difficult. 

I realised it’s quite easy to find your happy place, 

all you have to do 

is simply dare to seek 

and to wander. -WANDERER // S c o u r n 


“People have done me wrong, in as many ways as you can, and I always thought forgiveness was something they did not deserve. I did not plan vengeance or intend to hurt them, I thought I just didn’t wanted away from them and that would be best. I thought forgiveness was meant to be given when it is asked for and that is where I went wrong. Over the years I have realised one thing about life – It’s not fair and it is. 

You will get hurt by people, you will be humiliated and put down, you will be treated badly and you will see worse days, that is the unfair side but the fair side of life is that it is unfair to everybody and I realised that if I’ve been hurt, someday they will be hurt too. I realised that revenge was something weak people inclined towards because hurting is very easy. 

What takes strength, what takes true courage is to forgive. 

I built myself on the mere thought that it is not worth holding onto the pain theyve inflicted on me and I simply chose to not let it weigh me down.

Its not because I wanted to be ‘the better person’ but I realised all these things that I didn’t let go of were a burden on my chest that didn’t let me breathe.
I walked past the people who hurt me and I smiled to myself because I had come face to face with a beautiful revelation in life, 

that forgiveness is best given when it’s not asked for. 

Letting go of those who hurt you, letting go of all those moments and simply forgiving is strength. 

Forgive because you don’t deserve to walk around with the weight of anger and pain on your chest. Let the shadows of those memories fade. 

Forgive because you deserve peace.”

Dancing Queen. 

There was a fire inside her under her skin, it fed off of her like a seed feeds off the energy of the sun. As she grew she inclined towards the light where she truly belonged. The fire inside kept growing and it spread all over inside her body, limb to limb, underneath her bones and no sooner it was flames that ran through the blood, merging and blending, building a dreamer that wouldn’t burn out but keep burning like a violent flame keeping everybody in the light.The fire spread to her limbs, to her fingertips and her toes and she couldn’t hold it in anymore. So she moved, moved with the wind and swayed, swayed with the sunlight.  They saw silhouettes of the dreamer

They saw silhouettes of the dreamer dancing to her heart’s content as the setting sun kissed her innocent heart the world saw a dancer, that danced because she was in love, so in love, with her true self that she had finally found.