“I realised something very important the other day. 

If your reasons for doing something are anything but yourself, it’s nothing more than a compromise, it’s not genuine and it’s obviously not right.

Even if it does feel like the right thing to do right now, somewhere down the line it is going to feel like a mistake. 

If your reason is something else than your own will, or someone else then there is a possibility that you will be lost once that reason goes away.

You see, you are letting somebody else, something else, be the fuel to what you do. 

You are putting power into something else, power to control you, your mind, your actions and that I think is very unhealthy.
Don’t do something because someone expects it of you. If you can’t write a poem today, don’t. If the charcoal won’t etch your mind on the canvas, don’t, leave it white. You don’t have to do it because someone asked you to. Let things flow. Don’t agree to force yourself. 

Let your reason not be others wants but let your reason be genuine.
In simplest words do something because you want to, because its an energy flows from you instead of you forcing it out 

Do it because you feel like, not because someone asked you to.
It is so important to realise that your reason has to be yourself, because if you don’t do things because you want to do them, regret is going to clog your nerve someday so bad, that life will seem like rope around the neck.

It is important to be your own reason because everyone can leave someday, but you’re stuck with yourself.

You need to be your own reason because you matter, your dreams, your aspirations, your desires matter. 

You deserve to do what you love.” -WANDERER // Do what you love Because you love it 


Body shaming.

Two nice things we could do, One, stop telling people that they should bring changes in their body. 

Body shaming is not a petty thing. The girl you called fat, cries herself to sleep because she thinks less of herself and now starves to lose weight.

The boy you call skinny is over eating and straining his body at the gym to conform to your stupid idea of beauty and so your stupid mind can accept the least of him.

Why? Dont body shame people and don’t let people body shame you.

Stop telling people that they are not okay the way they are. You go around telling people to tone down and gain weight to look acceptable? Well, what’s not acceptable is your narrow mindedness that cannot accept the mere truth that everybody is just okay the way they are. 

Stop using phrases like ‘Real’ men have beards and are fit and ‘Real’ women have curves and not bones etc. 

Real men and women are however they want to be and they ought to be.

Real men and women dont let the world decide for them

and ‘Real men and women’ accept others for whatever they are.

Don’t ever, ever make somebody feel like they are not enough, that they are not acceptable the way they are.. because that’s brutal.

And secondly. Don’t let anybody body shame you. 

You are perfectly yourself and that’s the most beautiful you could ever be. Want to eat A large pizza by yourself? Eat it. Want to go take a run in the park? Do it. 

Want to be fit? Want to be fat? Do it, but, do it for yourself and not for every other stupid mind that thinks you should change. Your reasons to change should start and end with only you. The best thing you can do for yourself in this world of criticism is be an encouragement, so begin with yourself.


She felt distant.

She was vulnerable and she was scared to be. 

Many told her that it’s okay to be vulnerable, but I guess she thought they never understood what it meant to have your guard down after so long, that you just don’t have the strength to build it up all over again.

I guess she battled her fears, day and night, time and again, for years before and even now. I guess she thought it was a curse to feel everything deeply. It wasn’t something very beautiful, you know? To feel everything in great intensity. It’s not very pretty when every little thing hurts you, when you see a small change and it pricks your heart like a thousand needles all at once. When the heartache is unbearable. What’s worse? She couldn’t speak it out. She couldn’t talk to people. Maybe she thought she would come off as weak if she did, or somebody who would be termed as mentally unstable. So she silenced her tongue as the musings in her mind screamed. She choose to talk to the sinking sun and I wondered how brave was the heart beating in her chest, to be silent when the mind was echoing everything she was frightened about.

The heart of a maker 

An artist has a chaotic cacophonous mind, a pile of unraveled ideas and there is always a strive for perfection.

The creations that we see from the vigour inside them, the emotions of their heart, the ink stains on their fingers or charcoal at the edge of their clothes, are hard work.

Sweat. Heart. Mind and Blood made one into something to inspire. Respect the work of an artist, a poet, a musician, or anybody who puts out their work, their creations in the world. You may have criticism and that is acceptable, yes they are open to criticism but don’t trample the energy in somebody just because. You don’t know what hell they’ve walked through, the fires they carry and breathe in to make what they make. -Wanderer