“I am a wanderer by heart, I want to be to places and corners of the world.

I want to wander and be lost. Be lost and then find my way back out
You came in like everything I hadn’t imagined happening to me.
You came to me and turned my mind round 180 degree from what I wanted my life to be. I had aspirations, strong aspirations and now I caught myself thinking otherwise..

You made me rethink. It’s not easy to make me rethink something that I have been dreaming of ever since.
You made me see something different. Another world, another journey, another adventure, with You.
I had my life planned ahead of me as a wanderer, having no place to go, just wandering all my life, but since I met you all this wandering heart wants to do.. is come home to you” 



Bring me to a place 

where I find myself again,

It’s been so long 

I haven’t had a conversation 

with me. 

Where am I when I need me?

Bring me to a place 

where I feel lost 

it’s kind of become a home now.

to feel this way so often, 

maybe I can find myself 

where I was lost.

Bring back my soul, 

It’s better to hear myself 

than to wait to find 

another who wants to listen. 

Bring me to a place 

where I find myself. 

I don’t remember who I am anymore. -Wanderer