“I realised something very important the other day. 

If your reasons for doing something are anything but yourself, it’s nothing more than a compromise, it’s not genuine and it’s obviously not right.

Even if it does feel like the right thing to do right now, somewhere down the line it is going to feel like a mistake. 

If your reason is something else than your own will, or someone else then there is a possibility that you will be lost once that reason goes away.

You see, you are letting somebody else, something else, be the fuel to what you do. 

You are putting power into something else, power to control you, your mind, your actions and that I think is very unhealthy.
Don’t do something because someone expects it of you. If you can’t write a poem today, don’t. If the charcoal won’t etch your mind on the canvas, don’t, leave it white. You don’t have to do it because someone asked you to. Let things flow. Don’t agree to force yourself. 

Let your reason not be others wants but let your reason be genuine.
In simplest words do something because you want to, because its an energy flows from you instead of you forcing it out 

Do it because you feel like, not because someone asked you to.
It is so important to realise that your reason has to be yourself, because if you don’t do things because you want to do them, regret is going to clog your nerve someday so bad, that life will seem like rope around the neck.

It is important to be your own reason because everyone can leave someday, but you’re stuck with yourself.

You need to be your own reason because you matter, your dreams, your aspirations, your desires matter. 

You deserve to do what you love.” -WANDERER // Do what you love Because you love it 


Women’s Day

They sculpt me with dirty hands 

and censure me for being tainted.

My dreams are aesthetical

and too colossal to not smother

subjected to their hypocrisy

and egoistic allegations.
They worship my naked curves, 

satisfy their precarious manhood,

trace my skin as if it were theirs to trace

with consent or without, does it matter ?

and after they’re dirty work is done

they adorn me with clothing

and make a stone out of me,

throw gold and silver on my corrupted body 

place me in the corner of a dark room

call me goddess, putting me on a fraudulent pedestal.

But when I become a deity unto myself

my shimmer blinds their ravenous eyes

and they can’t handle the glory I earn, 
I’m convicted for non alignment 

to their rigid code of conduct, 

I squander my time, if I live up to my dreams.

but do I really have to explain

that I’m in love with unsteadiness

and that I love to dance in the rain

of tomorrow’s proud ‘mistakes’
They reprimand my doings, 
make me make my locks grow,

so that they can pull me back by them

and teach me how to be docile and gentle, 

but I have a sharp edged heart

and I cut this black cascade 

reclaiming the freedom

that threatens their pride,

they hold so sacred.
They give me a love of iron

that embellishes my ankles 

with shackles and fetters 

and they claim me 

like an object that pleases 

their inflated ego.
But blinded in their own malice 

drowning their own vices, 

that traps them underneath

they never could see the sky

They never comprehend 

that all that they were trying to confine

was just not tangible to begin with.
I am just the wind

and I hold no weight 

of their injustice over me 

therefore I will soar 

One day, I will look into my reflection, 

into these exhausted eyes

and I decide once and for all

that I belong where I belong

and it’s not for me to incline 

under the weight of your pride

but in the sky, where home lies.

I will return, once I find myself 

and if I can be the whiff

I’ll remind them

that I can be the storm too.


Marlyn Pereira

Friends with benefits.

Today we would like to speak on a topic, that is defined as ‘cool’.

A topic on which a very few have a different yet a strong perspective.

“No strings attached.” “Friends with benefits.”

Terms we are very familiar with and who wouldn’t desire somethings that is free of what we could collectively say “a headache” 

However, I was only recently made to think differently, to see that the concept of friends with benefits is less cool and trendy, but more of a cowardly approach

It makes the people in such relationships, look feeble

It simply explains that they aren’t ready to face the struggles and responsibilities that come with a commitment.

Maybe their reasons differ, Maybe it not always fun. Maybe there is distrust in the mind, or an unbearable pain they have walked past, and don’t want to face all over again

But do these reasons justify this act?

The thing is, regardless of the reasons, we are simply too afraid of commitment because effort is too much to take upon ourselves. Effort to work on us and others. It must feel like weight of the world to hold one hand throughout life’s journey, isn’t it?

We tag a relationship as tedious or boring because we’re either afraid of it or we are simply fooled by the transitory pleasures we find in decaying bodies, curves and skins. 

We would rather worship a body althrough the night, rather idolise something that is going to fade away by the next morning, something that is tangible, than believe in something that is simply, in something that is purely felt and is not confined and constructed to the skin. We patronise love and demean it’s true valour because we like the boundary of the skin.We don’t want anyone to get underneath because we are so afraid of what they could find or because we have never really experienced it or we are too much of a coward in the core to even try.

-WANDERER and @Randomwriter 

(A collaboration with my favourite writer)

Tedious mundane ordinaries.

For a long time, 

I always disregarded the sunset,

categorising it as tedious as all the overrated things in the world were.

I always wondered how the ordinary sight of the dusk made everybody feel so many different things at once, 

until one day…

when I had no where to go and home was a place I didn’t know anymore 

I walked by the sea, my feet sinking into wet sand, half as much as my heart did.

I walked, with all the pieces of a lump in my chest, now in my hand, shattered.

I stood still, wondering if I should throw away my remnants or put them differently again, 

build another me, that I don’t recognise

but eventually get to know,

I almost decided to throw away what was left of me, just when the sun sank too.

Empathy was a far fetched truth to me,

To me it did not persist.

but I watched as the sun drowned into the ocean of despair and my heart drowned along, 

in its own tide, but I didn’t smother 

Perhaps it meant I hadn’t stopped breathing under water after all.

The sun that sank with me, left in me a hope as it let time render it darkness, 

A hope that it sure may drown today, and become the night 

but it rises through it all, 

and I should… I should rise too.


You ask me not to plunge into you. 

“I am shallow”, you proclaim 

I wonder why that is the word you use

because I have already seen the still waters in you 

and they have given you away.
Determined to prove your allegations wrong 

I plunge anyway, repressing the fear that has now reached my gullet, 

the fear that I cannot swim.

There is a clog in my windpipe 

and I cannot breathe 

but that’s okay, I realise

because I am drowning

and if it was that you were shallow 

I wouldn’t 
The waves in you are enraged you say,

somebody has made it through to you, 

but why then can I taste angst instead 

in the salty current you throw at me.

You try to throw me to the shore 

with all the vigour in you 

and in the process you shatter me.

Pieces of my being fall to your bed 

and smile, but you fail to realise 

I’ve not left yet.

I fall onto your bed and I bury myself 

into a luxury you wouldn’t give me

the luxury of a forever 

You are baffled because you cant uproot me 

through all that, in you, I buried deep 

I breathe a sigh of relief 

for love sprouts through the pieces of me