Best friend.

When I was a little and somewhat losing people, I thought having a best friend was about having “my person”, somebody I could have forever, someone who would be there for me, someone who would never fight with me or turn against me.

It was a pretty magical notion to be true.

I thought having a best friend means constant contact, conversations everyday, good days everyday, and I thought it meant having the world in one person, but reality is complicated to comprehend and yet it’s beautiful when you finally do.

I recently came to terms with the idea that a best friend is in fact not somebody who will never ever argue with you, it is somebody who will fight with you the most, whom you will want to punch out of anger, but you will overlook the rage and choose to understand, whom you will forgive a million times if needed.

It is somebody who cannot always be there with you, everyday, but when you need them they leave the world behind. It is somebody who constantly annoys the hell out of you, makes fun of you, but respects you the most. It is somebody who has the courage to forgive, to reconcile, to build from the broken again, to make a home from what is left.

It is somebody who gives meaning to the word ‘forever’

Somebody beautiful told me something I wish I had understood long ago, that best friendship is about quality and not quantity with regards to time, memories, or conversations. It’s about how meaningful they make your life.

It is about having people who you can go back to, regardless of the time chasms, no matter how bitter the end, 

and when you do, 

it’s just the same as it was where you left off.

-Marlyn Pereira


Pine cones.

I have always known that the universe has its own buoyant way of teaching us how to live, 

leaving twisted answers on the journey of life for us to unwreathe.

The beauty of looking beyond sight is a rare luxury.

Not everyone is granted the privilege to comprehend that we are here to simply find meaning.

The universe in itself is a metaphor, but it is not always about the extraordinary.

More often than not, we just have to look closely at the mediocre things.

My eyes, eager to find knowledge, answers, valour and so many different illustrations, found a thousand answers in a thousand unanticipated different things, but the one that made my heart skip, and nestled in my soul forever was the answer I got from a pine cone.

The mundane realisation etched into my mind that, like a pine cone, 

we are in parts and pieces, that we are yet to be acquainted to.

We are still in the process of knowing who we are.

-WANDERER || Marlyn Pereira 


“But every festive season, I was dancing in fraudulent colours, cherishing a frail sense of happiness, with a soul so grey

until you coloured me with your hue”

-WANDERER || Marlyn Pereira 

The story of a rock

I have been recently told that every rock has a mellow story inside. I couldn’t help but associate this idea to our lives.

We try to build a fortress around ourselves, to try to keep away from heed our insecurities, our fears and our soft spots as we can call them.

We don’t want to be vulnerable. It scares us to feel and feel intensely. Consumed by our fears we harden ourselves, covering our hearts with layers and layers of stone, subduing every word we yearn to voice out, and we are so used to being this stoic unto our own feelings that we often don’t even remember what it is like to feel a whiff of the wind tingle our soul. But as much as we conceal, behind these stone walls, I have learnt from experience, more than once, that there lies a mellow version of ourselves, one that we think of as a flaw. One that we rebuke and don’t like to accept because we are so afraid to admit that sometimes we can be broken, we can need help, we can be weak.
I believe we all are hiding behind façades of our own kind of rocks and stones, but beyond we are nesh and tender and Love and only Love penetrates through our castles built on the foundations of disdain and reluctance.

-WANDERER || Marlyn Pereira

Art block.

There are days where your mind is shadowed and there is no clarity. There is absolutely no way you can write, paint, sing, make music, dance or create art. Whatever that is, that you do.

On these days, you can’t force art out of your system. You cannot create something you love doing so much, forcefully, without genuine will.

Art is like the wind, it is inspired by a various factors or elements, and it flows. It simply flows. Let art flow through you when it is meant to, because it will only cause you to feel incompetent and low or stressed when you’re unable to.

Art comes from the heart, it comes from inspiration. Don’t worry. You cannot run out of talent. The thing about your talent is that how much you give away, that much it grows. On these days when you can’t create, simply don’t.

Don’t go looking for your muse. You will find it just in time.

-WANDERER || Marlyn Pereira 

Accept that you are different 

I have come to the realisation today, that in trying to become like somebody else, I sabotage my own abilities. 

I uproot my core and trying to mould it into something I admire, but that’s the thing, our roots are not clay.

I subject myself to my destruction simply because I don’t have enough valour for what I am capable, and in simply trying to do what I do, the way others do it 

I leave my talent to erode.

I think it’s important that we embrace the fact that we are capable of certain things and that we cannot do certain things. We need to accept that everyone is unique because they are different and we need to accept our differences, the ones that exist inside us, only then we will not fail to comprehend that we are simply different 

and that different is so beautiful.

-WANDERER // D i f f e r e n t