Learning to unlearn. 

I have been teaching myself a lot lately. Doing what you love to do, alone, can be very daunting 

So I have been pushing myself to learn and unlearn certain things. -Its okay if you’re not as good as those writers who you love. You are yourself and that is unique. No one can write the way you do because that is what it is. Everyone is different. -Its okay if you’re not good at art, you can still keep trying to make it for yourself. You don’t need an audience. Do it because you want to -Push yourself as much as you can but don’t force yourself. There is a difference. Pushing is motivating, forcing is wrong, it’s negative and art is created from inspiration and not demands. -Learn to unlearn all that you know in order to see new things, or old things the new way. Perspective is everything -Dont give up. You don’t need a silver lining. Fame is just an illusion. Art is meant to touch hearts, to be understood and loved, not simply bought or looked at. -Be happy.

-WANDERER // learning to unlearn


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