Religion and God 

I have seen hypocrisy in places of worship and authenticity in people who have been reprimanded by our so called ‘men of God’. No, I am not an atheist, neither am I against worship and prayer. What I am against is the superficiality religion gives a pure God. I believe religion and God are two extremes, and bringing them together was a complete disaster. 
I think people have begun to depend on everything else, except God. We put our faith in these messengers of God more than we do in him and it is so sad because our faith is only meant for God. I have seen people worship, pray, sacrifice in the name of religion, but the same people have no ability to judge right from wrong. The same people who put God on a pedestal but have no idea how to treat their fellow men
I have seen people blindly follow people, and go the way they go, leaving God in some corner and I think that religion in itself has become a God of sorts. I have seen people completely opposite of the word ‘religious’ and still respect God wholly, without a blemish on their conscious. 

I am no one to judge but as a human, I notice what seems to be bullshit and what seems to be true. Of course what ‘seems’ to be, can also be untrue, but to me, 

service and love, so widely preached by these religious men starts at home, starts with people first.
I think the most authentic people are the ones who believe in the truth and choose not to follow mindlessly, and join the bandwagon,

not the ones who shadow themselves and others with them

-WANDERER // Religion and God 



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