There was resilience 

pouring from the skies that day, 

not in the form of rain 

but in the form of dusk.

Black, the colour that always 

allayed my restless mind, 

had come to my rescue. 

Tides and tides of ‘what ifs’ 

inside my mind, kept drowning 

all the hope that was hiding,

beneath the remnants of failure.


I took a deep breath, 

took the steps I had once learnt 

to overcome this anxiety,

and I let all the possibilities sink in.

I closed my eyes, and let the darkness wrap itself around me, 

like a blanket of security 

and as the dusk broke the light

to a million red and yellow strokes across the sky.
I nestled in the arms 

of the night, and watched time pass, as I waited and waited

for my dream to come true.

Somehow, the silence, 

made me believe 

that it’s all going to be alright.

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