With tilted footsteps, 

I found myself inclining 

towards doubt and uncertainty.

The daunting possibilities 

shadow the ray of hope 

I build over iron reprimands, 

almost crushing the already broken way I made 

to break free.

Silence hangs over my head 

like a two edged sword, 

and awaits the game 

time is about to play,

so it can snithe me

as soon as I make a choice. 

I’m paralysed between

do and don’ts 

and somewhere between what ifs too.

This dilemma is like slow poisoning 

while I’m dancing in a burning room, 

an inevitable end. 

So as I dance with fire, 

and dream of gasoline,

I simply hold the ice closer 

and choose anyway

because every day

that my heart has broken 

from the discouragement, 

my dream has only become

an indelible scar 

on every piece that beats.

-WANDERER // All the possibilities. 

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