N o r m a l c y 

I despised the idea of love 

for so long because 

I did not think love

was what the world portrayed it as.

I despised love 

out of my want 

for a love 

that was something else entirely

than what this world had, 

a kind of love 

that did not align 

with the rigidity 

of the world’s idea of love

All the roses, 

the dinners, 

the alluring love songs,

and the scarlet clichés 

to me, became ‘normal’.

Everytime a man 

bought me a token 

of these stereotypical expectancy of love, 

I turned them down.

Not because I did not want them,

but because I was always 

of the idea, 

that love is too beautiful 

to be so oriented with guidelines, 

that love is too precious 

to be so inclined to normalcy.
I worshipped what I thought love was.

A love that was selfless and pure, 

a love that did not know evil, 

one that was not meant for just one person, 

but was simply for every single one we knew, 

a love that is not restricted to the one’s who do good to us, 

but to also and specially those 

who do us wrong.
And as I held everything else in disdain, 

It only opened my eyes wider 

to the fact that this world 

has a love that is only fraudulent 

and so superficial, 

this world has a love that 

is love, as long as it serves its purposes.

It bought me to an understanding

of a terribly sad truth 
that most of us here, 

while we pretend so gracefully 

to be drowning in it,

don’t even know what love really is.

-WANDERER // N o r m a l c y.


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