“People have done me wrong, in as many ways as you can, and I always thought forgiveness was something they did not deserve. I did not plan vengeance or intend to hurt them, I thought I just didn’t wanted away from them and that would be best. I thought forgiveness was meant to be given when it is asked for and that is where I went wrong. Over the years I have realised one thing about life – It’s not fair and it is. 

You will get hurt by people, you will be humiliated and put down, you will be treated badly and you will see worse days, that is the unfair side but the fair side of life is that it is unfair to everybody and I realised that if I’ve been hurt, someday they will be hurt too. I realised that revenge was something weak people inclined towards because hurting is very easy. 

What takes strength, what takes true courage is to forgive. 

I built myself on the mere thought that it is not worth holding onto the pain theyve inflicted on me and I simply chose to not let it weigh me down.

Its not because I wanted to be ‘the better person’ but I realised all these things that I didn’t let go of were a burden on my chest that didn’t let me breathe.
I walked past the people who hurt me and I smiled to myself because I had come face to face with a beautiful revelation in life, 

that forgiveness is best given when it’s not asked for. 

Letting go of those who hurt you, letting go of all those moments and simply forgiving is strength. 

Forgive because you don’t deserve to walk around with the weight of anger and pain on your chest. Let the shadows of those memories fade. 

Forgive because you deserve peace.”


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