13 reasons why inspired. 

“The thing about hurt, I realised is that every little thing can bring in the feeling of pain. It doesn’t matter how important or unimportant the person is, words, intimidating or judgemental glances, giggles full of mockery and insult, rumours, every little thing matters. We may stiffen up our brow, play pretend and say that “who cares what others think” but the truth is we do care. It bothers us on levels we do not comprehend. Little insults, masked as pleasantries and deemed as acceptable can hurt somebody to an extent that you cannot estimate and no that does not make a person a ‘sissy’ ‘not tough’ or a ‘pussy’.
It does not. 
What hurts, hurts and that is fine because if someone were to hurt us too more often than not we would react the same way too. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you don’t know what somebody has or is going through, you don’t know how it can hurt somebody and what it can lead, you don’t know that something you think is a ‘joke’ can be a serious matter to somebody else. 
I guess what I’m saying is don’t hurt people, intentionally or unintentionally. Don’t push them towards becoming a stoic person, or a person who ends up in a really bad place. 
I guess what I’m saying is, just don’t be an asshole.”


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