When I see you, I am constantly reminded of a thousand reasons and more for why my life is beautiful. I am constantly reminded that even though I’m alone I’m not. You’ve always been here even when you weren’t,  like a shadow you were there. Even when the darkness came, you were there in it, with me.

You have been my mirror since day one, and I don’t know how but looking at your face, hearing your voice gives me tremendous hope. I see you, I look at you and in you I find me. In a way I have always been afraid of changes, but with you I didn’t have to be, because you taught me almost everyday that people evolve and people crumble but that doesn’t mean their core is altered. I started to believe more in myself because you made me. That is why when I look around today every body is just a blurry face, a haze, hiding behind the mist, but you, You are definite. You are clarity and everything I am sure of and I know you know that I have always believed in you, but today I only want you to remember that it is not because of the way you make me feel, but because even before I knew you the way I do today, I knew you were worth believing in.

P.S – I will always, always believe in you, My mirror ❤

-WANDERER // 17.


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