I thought being great at what you do in art, was associated with the fan following, the number of likes, and the extent of the reach of your work. 

I was simply happy to find that my Instagram account had crossed 1000 followers and I rejoiced as if it was a great achievement. 

I thought it was to do with how good I was at poetry, but it wasnt. 

The thing I realised is that people will like and dislike your work day in and day out and fame only lasts for as long as the moon in the sky. On some days it won’t be as exciting and you will have to do your thing on your own because people won’t want to see you, or what you do. 

Interests fade away over time but it does not mean you’ve gotten tedious or you’re not good anymore. It simply means that humans have a dynamic nature and preferences change everyday. 

And sometimes, it’s okay if the silver lining fades. You have got to be who you are without the fame.

-WANDERER // Lesson 


2 thoughts on “Fame. 

  1. Great post! I too think that it’s important to remember who we are at heart and be true to ourselves. Rather than to change for the world, to fit in, we should embrace who we are 🙂


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