And what else? I can’t go on, I find myself speechless when it comes to her, but I want to talk about her for hours. She’s like the ocean you know? A mixture of Rage and serenity. She pulls you inside her with so much ease and love, you lose yourself, you lose control and the best part? You don’t mind. Perhaps that’s how I lost myself into her.

She is whole in herself. She is content. She needs nobody to complete her, yet she completes everybody half hearted she meets. Perhaps that’s how my heart dwells in her, she’s a stealer, the good kind.

She is simple, No pretence, no faking, no make up, no dress up. 

She is so simple and I can’t get my eyes off her when she smiles, with all the happiness in her eyes, her face glows. It’s like the sun looks down on her smile and finds its sunlight. 

What else can I tell you. I could go on about her.. but I can’t do justice with mere words.

Do you know how we end up being silent when we gaze at a sky full of stars? it’s so beautiful, that you don’t even want to talk, just stay there and look and fill yourself up with life?

that’s what she does to me”

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