Stranger Dearest.

A thousand people 

in the crowd 

two thousand faces 

right there,

but he had none 

not even one.

He was nobody.

‘A blurry face’ 
he liked to call himself.

Walking the streets 

like the wandering wind, 

he had seen the world unfold

the blooming and falling, 

and the trees turning to gold.

He left his essence 

on the flowers and the leaves

that he touched with his fingertips

and although nobody saw 

what he did to the world 

I saw, the love from him 

to the world, swirl.

An uncanny heart, 

apparent or not

he was always there like the stars.

And sometimes when I didn’t seem to find him on the streets,

I’d find him right here, nestled in my heart.

-Wanderer // S t r a n g e r D e a r e s t 


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