Death and Pseudo death.

Ive always cringed at the idea of death, or the idea of somebody going away.

Not that it is hard for me to accept that somebody is gone forever, but it is hard to me to accept that I have to go on without them. I think most of us are not hurting because whoever has been taken away is gone, but because we haven’t yet found a way to live without them. It’s difficult to fill in a void that one leaves once they leave. Everyone has a place inside us, they make us and once they leave, the winds of change blow and it hurts in those empty spaces. 

Letting go is not easy. It is like breaking off a limb and telling a person that they should let go of things soon is like asking them not to bleed. That’s the thing about serious damage, when you break off a limb and it bleeds, eventually you stop bleeding. It stops hurting after a long while, it does and in time we also learn how to live without those parts of us. Adjusting accordingly to function in another way from the one we knew. 

People close to us are like limbs to us. They become an essential part of us that we don’t know how to function without but sometimes we focus so much on the pain of them leaving, in death or otherwise, that we disregard the idea of learning to live without them. We heal outside but inside, we are hurting , we’re fragile, because we never led ourselves to learn how to function without our essential parts, 

and that is why, healing takes a long time.

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