The light of my soul flickers, suddenly 

I’m precarious and my knees tremble.

Holding onto my breath, I stare right into the darkness that stands before me whispering “Are you sure?”.

It nails questions in my head, that I’m too afraid to answer so I evaluate and analyse what is and what isn’t. 

The fear creeps in like anger and uncertainty already did before, and I pace in the dark with hands stretched out for help that won’t come.

This is where I choose, this is where I know, exactly what I wished for, and yet here this is where I am frightened to simply see that we are different.

Everyone is.

I look into myself, a flickering entity, with an unsteady core 

and a heart beating loud, and I simply ask the question again, the one that scares me, “Am I sure” and not a split second passes, but I realise that you are my stability even if you are not exactly the mirror to me.

“Yes” I whisper to myself that is consumed with fear 

and I close my eyes to go back to my own darkness and see, that even though you are my mirror,

And you are a differently shaped reflection, 

You and I, will always be one.


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