Learning to get lost.

“I was lost yesterday, I kept going in circles and kept losing my way, I took the wrong path which was not meant to be taken but right when things were going to get ugly I took a turn. 

I wandered and wandered, and I kept riding till I found the right way to where I wanted to be. No, this was not an ordinary journey for me. 

It taught me something for life, that however lost we are, eventually we will find our way out.

It taught me that one day, one turn will change everything. 

It taught me that some of us are wanderers and some are not, but sometimes we all need to get lost somewhere to find a way and to learn new ways 

It maybe a mess and may take time when you are lost and cannot find what youre looking for but …

It taught me that to find yourself, you have to first lose yourself”

-WANDERER // Marlyn Pereira 


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