Body shaming.

Two nice things we could do, One, stop telling people that they should bring changes in their body. 

Body shaming is not a petty thing. The girl you called fat, cries herself to sleep because she thinks less of herself and now starves to lose weight.

The boy you call skinny is over eating and straining his body at the gym to conform to your stupid idea of beauty and so your stupid mind can accept the least of him.

Why? Dont body shame people and don’t let people body shame you.

Stop telling people that they are not okay the way they are. You go around telling people to tone down and gain weight to look acceptable? Well, what’s not acceptable is your narrow mindedness that cannot accept the mere truth that everybody is just okay the way they are. 

Stop using phrases like ‘Real’ men have beards and are fit and ‘Real’ women have curves and not bones etc. 

Real men and women are however they want to be and they ought to be.

Real men and women dont let the world decide for them

and ‘Real men and women’ accept others for whatever they are.

Don’t ever, ever make somebody feel like they are not enough, that they are not acceptable the way they are.. because that’s brutal.

And secondly. Don’t let anybody body shame you. 

You are perfectly yourself and that’s the most beautiful you could ever be. Want to eat A large pizza by yourself? Eat it. Want to go take a run in the park? Do it. 

Want to be fit? Want to be fat? Do it, but, do it for yourself and not for every other stupid mind that thinks you should change. Your reasons to change should start and end with only you. The best thing you can do for yourself in this world of criticism is be an encouragement, so begin with yourself.

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