If you have a perspective put it out there without hurting somebody’s else’s sentiments. It’s not war or something. You don’t have to be Alpha. No one has to.

If you want to make yourself be heard and voice your words then do so but have the courage and understanding to hear too.

Have the sense to respect that everyone differs and not everybody agrees with you 

Note that we have perspectives and the only truth is the FACT. there is a difference between these two things. So don’t act like your perspective is a FACT and someone elses is not because your egocentric mind does not understand differences in opinion.
The reason why we face so many communal and religious riots and crap is because nobody is willing to respect each others perspectives

and everyone wants to prevail with their own ideologies 

So please, 

If you are an atheist, good for you don’t mock my faith. I will listen to your fact based statements if you have any, but don’t mock what I believe in. 

If you have a differing opinion I will consider it and listen but don’t tell me I’m stupid to hold an opinion of my own just because it isn’t in alignment with yours. 

Please just please. 

Stop enforcing your ideas on everyone as if they are the ultimate decree.

Learn to accept differences.

The world will be a better place.



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