You can’t have yourself rooted the venomous soil, and pray for growth.
There is no miracle that will render that.
Similarly, you cannot hold onto something or someone and wish to move on.

Moving on does not happen overnight. It is a process of pain and learning. You cannot hold onto anything that reminds you of them. In order to outgrow them, you have to detach from every remnant that they have left you with.
Your heart is in pain and, you cannot keep scraping a wound when it is healing. Let it heal in its time
The past is a painful place, but you need to leave it behind. If it smothers you, break free. If it stunts your growth, cut off from it.
Detach from every little thing that reminds you of them. Don’t keep tabs on them.
You have to uproot in order to go nestle in fertile soil away from the poison,
then and only then you will outgrow the damage toxic relationships have caused you.
You have grown so used to them that before you forget them, you need to learn to detach.

-WANDERER // Marlyn Pereira


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