Pine cones.

I have always known that the universe has its own buoyant way of teaching us how to live, 

leaving twisted answers on the journey of life for us to unwreathe.

The beauty of looking beyond sight is a rare luxury.

Not everyone is granted the privilege to comprehend that we are here to simply find meaning.

The universe in itself is a metaphor, but it is not always about the extraordinary.

More often than not, we just have to look closely at the mediocre things.

My eyes, eager to find knowledge, answers, valour and so many different illustrations, found a thousand answers in a thousand unanticipated different things, but the one that made my heart skip, and nestled in my soul forever was the answer I got from a pine cone.

The mundane realisation etched into my mind that, like a pine cone, 

we are in parts and pieces, that we are yet to be acquainted to.

We are still in the process of knowing who we are.

-WANDERER || Marlyn Pereira 

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