Restrictions can feel like a chain around your gullet sometimes. For those who dislike being confined it makes us want to aggress against it.

But that is the thing about social groups, they make you align according to their convenience, and retaliation triggers in them the want to change you even more.
Any kind of social group, family, friends or colleagues, want you to be “familiar” 

Being different or possessing diverging mind sets, ideals and actions from those that they think are right is subject to criticism.
People have a habit making futile conversation about everything that comes to their attention or notice, regardless whether it is something in praise or rebuke, and it is inevitable.
We cannot go around subduing voices that will turn noisy again someday, but what we can surely do is give them a deaf ear, because nothing that people say matters. 
We let it get to us as if it is a sentence we are subjected to, but the truth is, it doesn’t make a difference at all. Most of us, feel the discomfort on being told what to do, what not to do, but the thing is who has asked us to obey? 

One thing I’ve realised is people who cannot accept you for how you are, don’t deserve your presence. Ignore their words of vain and simply find yourself company that gives you a chance and multiples of chances to be yourself .

-WANDERER || Marlyn Pereira


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