Art block.

There are days where your mind is shadowed and there is no clarity. There is absolutely no way you can write, paint, sing, make music, dance or create art. Whatever that is, that you do.

On these days, you can’t force art out of your system. You cannot create something you love doing so much, forcefully, without genuine will.

Art is like the wind, it is inspired by a various factors or elements, and it flows. It simply flows. Let art flow through you when it is meant to, because it will only cause you to feel incompetent and low or stressed when you’re unable to.

Art comes from the heart, it comes from inspiration. Don’t worry. You cannot run out of talent. The thing about your talent is that how much you give away, that much it grows. On these days when you can’t create, simply don’t.

Don’t go looking for your muse. You will find it just in time.

-WANDERER || Marlyn Pereira 


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