“I see people around me screaming “Let’s live in the moment” “You only live once” and all the other typical lines like that and go have a rad time, drowning in alcohol and drugs, losing their senses to loud music, in blinding lights and deafening noise.
I don’t think that is not what Living is.

I think Living is exploring. I think Living is travelling until you feel home in every place you’ve never been. I think Living is watching the sun rise and not having to take a picture but letting the warmth simply penetrate you. I think Living is losing yourself to the sunset from a thousand places in this one world, and being healed a thousand times. I think Living is a process of moving towards peace, more of yourself and Loving yourself. I think Living is falling in love with nothingness of this world, a simple cup of coffee, a good book, or just the wind blowing through your hair as you walk and feeling completely content.” -WANDERER // L i v e 

-Marlyn Pereira

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