Accept that you are different 

I have come to the realisation today, that in trying to become like somebody else, I sabotage my own abilities. 

I uproot my core and trying to mould it into something I admire, but that’s the thing, our roots are not clay.

I subject myself to my destruction simply because I don’t have enough valour for what I am capable, and in simply trying to do what I do, the way others do it 

I leave my talent to erode.

I think it’s important that we embrace the fact that we are capable of certain things and that we cannot do certain things. We need to accept that everyone is unique because they are different and we need to accept our differences, the ones that exist inside us, only then we will not fail to comprehend that we are simply different 

and that different is so beautiful.

-WANDERER // D i f f e r e n t 


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