Women’s Day

They sculpt me with dirty hands 

and censure me for being tainted.

My dreams are aesthetical

and too colossal to not smother

subjected to their hypocrisy

and egoistic allegations.
They worship my naked curves, 

satisfy their precarious manhood,

trace my skin as if it were theirs to trace

with consent or without, does it matter ?

and after they’re dirty work is done

they adorn me with clothing

and make a stone out of me,

throw gold and silver on my corrupted body 

place me in the corner of a dark room

call me goddess, putting me on a fraudulent pedestal.

But when I become a deity unto myself

my shimmer blinds their ravenous eyes

and they can’t handle the glory I earn, 
I’m convicted for non alignment 

to their rigid code of conduct, 

I squander my time, if I live up to my dreams.

but do I really have to explain

that I’m in love with unsteadiness

and that I love to dance in the rain

of tomorrow’s proud ‘mistakes’
They reprimand my doings, 
make me make my locks grow,

so that they can pull me back by them

and teach me how to be docile and gentle, 

but I have a sharp edged heart

and I cut this black cascade 

reclaiming the freedom

that threatens their pride,

they hold so sacred.
They give me a love of iron

that embellishes my ankles 

with shackles and fetters 

and they claim me 

like an object that pleases 

their inflated ego.
But blinded in their own malice 

drowning their own vices, 

that traps them underneath

they never could see the sky

They never comprehend 

that all that they were trying to confine

was just not tangible to begin with.
I am just the wind

and I hold no weight 

of their injustice over me 

therefore I will soar 

One day, I will look into my reflection, 

into these exhausted eyes

and I decide once and for all

that I belong where I belong

and it’s not for me to incline 

under the weight of your pride

but in the sky, where home lies.

I will return, once I find myself 

and if I can be the whiff

I’ll remind them

that I can be the storm too.


Marlyn Pereira


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