Friends with benefits.

Today we would like to speak on a topic, that is defined as ‘cool’.

A topic on which a very few have a different yet a strong perspective.

“No strings attached.” “Friends with benefits.”

Terms we are very familiar with and who wouldn’t desire somethings that is free of what we could collectively say “a headache” 

However, I was only recently made to think differently, to see that the concept of friends with benefits is less cool and trendy, but more of a cowardly approach

It makes the people in such relationships, look feeble

It simply explains that they aren’t ready to face the struggles and responsibilities that come with a commitment.

Maybe their reasons differ, Maybe it not always fun. Maybe there is distrust in the mind, or an unbearable pain they have walked past, and don’t want to face all over again

But do these reasons justify this act?

The thing is, regardless of the reasons, we are simply too afraid of commitment because effort is too much to take upon ourselves. Effort to work on us and others. It must feel like weight of the world to hold one hand throughout life’s journey, isn’t it?

We tag a relationship as tedious or boring because we’re either afraid of it or we are simply fooled by the transitory pleasures we find in decaying bodies, curves and skins. 

We would rather worship a body althrough the night, rather idolise something that is going to fade away by the next morning, something that is tangible, than believe in something that is simply, in something that is purely felt and is not confined and constructed to the skin. We patronise love and demean it’s true valour because we like the boundary of the skin.We don’t want anyone to get underneath because we are so afraid of what they could find or because we have never really experienced it or we are too much of a coward in the core to even try.

-WANDERER and @Randomwriter 

(A collaboration with my favourite writer)


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