Tedious mundane ordinaries.

For a long time, 

I always disregarded the sunset,

categorising it as tedious as all the overrated things in the world were.

I always wondered how the ordinary sight of the dusk made everybody feel so many different things at once, 

until one day…

when I had no where to go and home was a place I didn’t know anymore 

I walked by the sea, my feet sinking into wet sand, half as much as my heart did.

I walked, with all the pieces of a lump in my chest, now in my hand, shattered.

I stood still, wondering if I should throw away my remnants or put them differently again, 

build another me, that I don’t recognise

but eventually get to know,

I almost decided to throw away what was left of me, just when the sun sank too.

Empathy was a far fetched truth to me,

To me it did not persist.

but I watched as the sun drowned into the ocean of despair and my heart drowned along, 

in its own tide, but I didn’t smother 

Perhaps it meant I hadn’t stopped breathing under water after all.

The sun that sank with me, left in me a hope as it let time render it darkness, 

A hope that it sure may drown today, and become the night 

but it rises through it all, 

and I should… I should rise too.


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