You ask me not to plunge into you. 

“I am shallow”, you proclaim 

I wonder why that is the word you use

because I have already seen the still waters in you 

and they have given you away.
Determined to prove your allegations wrong 

I plunge anyway, repressing the fear that has now reached my gullet, 

the fear that I cannot swim.

There is a clog in my windpipe 

and I cannot breathe 

but that’s okay, I realise

because I am drowning

and if it was that you were shallow 

I wouldn’t 
The waves in you are enraged you say,

somebody has made it through to you, 

but why then can I taste angst instead 

in the salty current you throw at me.

You try to throw me to the shore 

with all the vigour in you 

and in the process you shatter me.

Pieces of my being fall to your bed 

and smile, but you fail to realise 

I’ve not left yet.

I fall onto your bed and I bury myself 

into a luxury you wouldn’t give me

the luxury of a forever 

You are baffled because you cant uproot me 

through all that, in you, I buried deep 

I breathe a sigh of relief 

for love sprouts through the pieces of me 


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