When DEATH fell in love.

When I first came across her soul, I had a knack and the nerve to follow her around, like a shadow 

I was always there.

Watching her gave me a sense of life, something I technically cannot and do not have. She had a way with souls way better than I did, she easily rolled them into her arms and she set them free. 

Although I set them free in a completely different way, her way was somehow enticing. 

I was lured for the first time in a thousand years, so I followed her around and watched her grow. 

I had to be elsewhere sometimes, most of it times to be honest, but I made it in time not to miss anything she does because she was simply so interesting. I didn’t want to understand her, I didn’t want to know why she did what she did, but I just wanted to watch her. There was something about the way she lived that made me wish I wasn’t me. Her smile rekindled every moment in which she had smiled before and shone even more, as she hid past her curvy lips everything she wrote in her black diary. I read it everyday you know, I took a peek. I know its bad manners but I know everybody and I watch everyone do what they do everyday and it has never intrigued me like she did. 

I sometimes heard her cry, under the sheets, I wish I could see her face, how it looked, 

with teary eyes and a red nose perhaps, I couldn’t however, but what I did see was with the rising sun, she rose again, carrying her soul out there, doing her lively thing, the next day, as if nothing had ever happened the night before. 

Her soul wasn’t a white stainless robed one, she had her scars, many of them, you all do, but hers had flowers grown through the cracks and it was once in a millennium that I met somebody of such a lovely gist. I loved to watch her everyday, and everyday she bloomed better. 

I watched her from a distance, touching her before time sometimes but moving away just as fast as I did. 

I didn’t want to destroy her just yet, 

but when the time came, her soul ran into my arms, as if she had been waiting all along to find me. 

She made me feel a love that made me wish I was human.

She made me feel wanted when she came right to me, and I wished I had a human heart that day.

She ran into me as if I was her destiny, peacefully and with no regrets.

She was one of those who made me wonder what it was like to be living, or happy.

I watched her run towards me, and I smiled.

It was time for her to finally become mine.

I had waited a lifetime for this moment, and it was worth it. I could have not kissed her, I could let her go, it was my decree, it was my word but I had fallen in love with the way she was.

She was life itself. 

Her soul rekindled every time it died a thousand little deaths and that made me realise, 

she was always going to be alive, but I didn’t want to let her go now 

I had fallen in love with a soul that was mine.

So, I let it her soul crumble in me, and I kept her close to my heart. I didn’t know her absence would haunt me so much, and I didn’t know that not seeing her would cause me pain. 

I guess what you humans say is true 

“Love is not about possession. ”

But I was selfish, and I was not you so I was allowed to not align with your beliefs.

So I kept her shriveled inside my robe like she was a favourite page of a lovely book, and every once in a while when I take a look at her remnants, that I saved for myself 

I surprisingly feel human.


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