People keep asking “How do you stay so positive” “How do you always focus on the good side” “How are you always such a sunshine heart” and trust me, I ask myself that too. I realised that being positive is not always the easiest thing to choose to be, but I chose it anyway. I think what I am saying is that I’m not always a positive person. Things bring me down, crush me, hurt me, I cry, I grieve, I feel like I want to die but then… I remember that this is not what I want. I mean come we can get great reviews and compliments, encouragement, positive vibes for all the work we do, the art we create and whatever but one negative comment, one critique is enough to bring that down. It crushed my soul too, when I faced it but you gotta accept it that negativity does come your way it’s completely your choice what you let it do to you.

It was difficult at first to focus on the good side but it worked. People who know me, know that along with sunshine I’m a little bit of a grey sky sometimes too and that’s alright because we’re human, come on. The thing is we all have our dull days, we just have to bring out the sunshine again, and its hard but once you do it, you’ll fall in love with feeling good.

 Positivity is a choice. I made mine a long time ago. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but well, nothing is right? I realised it was a hard choice, a path that wasnt always flowers and sunshine. I’ve walked through hurricanes to see a sunset and trust me it’s worth it. Waking up one day and ‘choosing’ to feel good, to feel positive to feel happy is the best thing I’ve done for myself and I will keep doing it. Every. Single. Day. 

The thing is that black sticks out all the time and the darkness of negativity kinda is the same, so to all who ask how I am so positive all the time, I just made myself fall in love with white ❤ -WANDERER


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