We underestimate coincidence. Some of us are such strong believers of destiny, we forget how strong a coincidence can be. There is no science, no explanation for a coincidence. It’s a small phenomenon but it is so important. Imagine if you hadn’t stayed back a little late at the book store, would you have met a particular friend. What if you had taken the 9:40 local over the 9:45 and it saved your life from the bomb blast. Some things tend to happen because we are at the right place at the right time and nothing can tell. You meet your significant other is also a big falling together of many coincidences, hadn’t you gone to that party and spilled his drink, would you talk? Hadn’t you accidentally made too much eye contact would you know each other at all. I believe these little things have a lot more power than other big things like destiny do. Believe in the little. Believe in everything – WANDERER 


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