Tangible forevers.

Plunging into tangibility we have drowned so much, that we’ve forgotten how to believe. We are so dependant on the idea that what we see is what is, that somewhere faith is a distant concept, lost. We have forgotten how to close our eyes and take a step just because we believe in it. Energies and vigour that is meant to be felt from the heart, and believed in are now on standby because we don’t find concrete evidence for them, like Love, Faith, Friendship. We’re constantly looking for signs so we can believe, instead of just believing in what our heart feels. 

When will we ever learn to trust and believe in our own hearts and it’s currents. 

It’s not about the hints and signs. Believe in what you feel, it’s as simple as that 

What we don’t realise is that in the search of evidence and tangibility we lose these emotions, these energies that were only meant to be felt not defined. We don’t realise that you can’t catch the sunshine, that you try to contain, you were only meant to feel the warmth and grow. -Wanderer 


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