“You only know my name.

I have tinted the thousand faces I wear.

You can’t tell who I am.

I have changed my hue so many times, I’ve lost count and I’ve lost knowledge of my true self.

I rememeber painting my plastered face with so much colour and water and in the rush to conceal everything this world disagreed with I forgot I was just a page.

I vigorously rubbed a brush against my canvas

and I left a hole in my identity 

because I wanted the world to love the vibrance I borrowed. 

I turned into something that wasn’t me. 

Oh how wrong was this way to build a tomorrow.

But don’t come looking for me yet, 

I am still on my way, still in the process of knowing me so when I find myself, and I love the soul that I am.

I’ll show me to you too. There will be nothing I have to hide.

Until then, let me go

I still have me, to find.”



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