God is Fear 

I stood between nothingness and everything. 

I watched a thousand years pass by and a thousand sunsets, to understand the secret that I have been trying to decipher. 

All my life I’ve been looking for answers to only one question. It kept me awake all night and even in my dreams I was haunted by uncertainty. Why was fear a God? 

It reverberated in my bones and echoed all over around me as I saw people, bind themselves away from what they love, what they wanted, in the name of fear. 

It shook me to see how much of this entity had grown into the veins of the ones who worshipped it. 

I watched people cry and I watched them cut and throw away parts of themselves because fear deemed it the right thing to do. I watched two hands separate and never hold each other again. I watched worlds crumble down because fear wouldn’t let them speak. I watched minds drown in their thoughts because fear didn’t think it would be nice to share. I watched people hate love because fear taught us that loving can hurt. 

I watched love fade away from the surface of the earth and leave the horizon as fear moved through the winds and in the currents of the sea. 

Now that I stand here between nothingness and everything as the world hums a melancholic tune and the winds don’t blow anymore, the sunset is another sad song and the birds don’t fly in the sky, 

I realised that we’ve only made a God out of something we were only meant to overcome.


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