You left like the wind, 

    ever fleeting, 

    It sounded like a dirty pleasantry.

    You said I deserved better 

    I should have known you 

    ever since I touched you

    I should have known, 

    that you were not going to stay. 

    Evanescence was the colour of your blood

    and promises were simply another 

    statement devoid, echoing into nothingness.

    Your words still reverberate inside my mind.

    Not the lies you left scars with

    but the truth you etched on my heart.

    “I am the darkness,  you don’t fall in love with the darkness” you said.

    You were so adamant and sure

    yet, tell me again, 

    why is it that when you let go of my hand

    the universe that I believed lived inside you, 

    was imprinted on my hand?


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