Sex and the country.

​We live in a country that worships the sunrise, and commit idolatry with the darkness. We live in a place where urinating in public, raping in public, violence in public is completely okay, but a couple holds hands, hugs or kisses in front of a few people and everybody loses their minds. We live in a city of lies, that stands on the foundations of fragile culture that we proudly use it as an alibi for everything we do. We live in a country where talking about sex and pornography and womens bodies like objects out loud is okay, but having sex or indulging in intimate acts is supposed to be done in a closed room. We live in a country that takes pride in saying that a woman being raped is her fault, or the fault of her clothing or anything else apart from the man’s. We are too cowardly to change. We blame the west for tainting our Collectivist clogged from logic, culturally blinded, minds but the truth is we simply have no reason to justify why we are do afraid to be, and accept that we have drives and that’s just a part of being human

We live in a society where every body enjoys sex but nobody wants to accept it. We live in a concrete jungle, behind walls of lies, judging people for loving simple pleasures just as much as they do. –



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