Dancing Queen. 

There was a fire inside her under her skin, it fed off of her like a seed feeds off the energy of the sun. As she grew she inclined towards the light where she truly belonged. The fire inside kept growing and it spread all over inside her body, limb to limb, underneath her bones and no sooner it was flames that ran through the blood, merging and blending, building a dreamer that wouldn’t burn out but keep burning like a violent flame keeping everybody in the light.The fire spread to her limbs, to her fingertips and her toes and she couldn’t hold it in anymore. So she moved, moved with the wind and swayed, swayed with the sunlight.  They saw silhouettes of the dreamer

They saw silhouettes of the dreamer dancing to her heart’s content as the setting sun kissed her innocent heart the world saw a dancer, that danced because she was in love, so in love, with her true self that she had finally found.



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