I think we have gotten the concept of clarity all wrong. We think what the world makes us think and believe what they show us to be true, but is it what it seems like?

I think we are so engrossed in believing that the darkness is an entity that identifies with the bad that we turn ourselves blind in the darkness of our own minds. We like to believe as we are made to believe, but the point is the darkness is simply something different and as the most human trait, we are afraid of what’s unfamiliar. We are afraid of what we don’t know and so we incline and look at whatever explanation is plausible.

But the thing is the darkness is not all by itself. What we tend to unsee is that our idea of clarity could be all wrong and maybe just maybe, even the idea of the obscure darkness, what we sometimes call ‘difficulties’ is too.

Maybe lucidity is not the light at all. While we associate the mayhem with darkness and the light with clarity, we aren’t entirely looking at the picture. Maybe clarity is not something to be seen clearly at all. Maybe clarity is just the process to reach the light from the darkness.

We don’t think otherwise because we’ve been told, time and again that the darkness is a bad thing. I just want to look at this from another perspective.

Maybe clarity isn’t about clarity at all, maybe it isn’t destiny or a goal but a process that leads to the goal. Maybe the darkness isn’t bad after all. I think the darkness persists for a reason, balance. The reason being finding the light itself, for, without the dark, you wouldn’t be able to tell from what is authentic light and what is another artifice.

Without the dark, you wouldn’t know the value of the light. Maybe we would never know what it is like to really see without the darkness.

Maybe clarity is just a darker shadow in the darkness and we have to look harder to find it, in order to follow it to our escape out.

-WANDERER // 11:28 pm


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